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2015 Social Innovations Conference

Community Perspectives on Trauma and Violence Prevention

Program Description

The Social Innovations Conference was designed to engage community members, stakeholders, and organizations to address the impact of violence in neighborhoods and communities. Violence within communities has a significant impact on the quality of living for residents, property values within the community, and its economic development.  Violence prevention often stems from the perspective of service providers, rather than from that of a collective community. This conference will outline the importance of the community members and service providers collaborating to address violence.

Violence Prevention: Community Response


This panel explores innovations in community violence prevention efforts, including restorative justice and reconciliation, bereavement support, police oversight, and intervention strategies. It examines how violence prevention efforts can heal trauma, and how academics, students, and activists can partner with communities to support these efforts. 

Learning from our Communities: Breakout Sessions

Innovative solutions to understanding and responding to trauma and violence will be discussed in breakout sessions. Topics include restoring a future orientation and avoiding retaliation, the treatment of violence as a public health problem, cultural competency, reentry support, and spiritual leadership.  


Learning from our Leaders: What community leaders think about trauma and violence prevention

Fenger High School principal Elizabeth Dozier has been fighting for her students long before she was featured on the CNN series “Chicagoland.” After Albert Derrion’s slaying became national news, Principal Dozier instituted a variety of anti-violence, mental health, and college preparatory initiatives. Her passion and her inventive methods to help her students exemplify community leadership and innovative responses to trauma and violence. 

This is a FREE conference open to the public